Heavy News! DAMODA UAV Formation Shines at the 2023 Australian Open

DAMODA‘s 500 drone formation debuts at Australian Open



The 2023 Australian Open main draw was held at Melbourne Park from January 16-29. This year’s Australian Open has a total of nine Chinese players in the main draw, a new high in the history of Chinese tennis for the Australian Open. At the site of the Australian Open, the drones of the DAMODA made a shining appearance, and the collision of high-end technology and top sports events won the applause of the scene!


uav formation

drone show


The Australian Open was born in 1905, only 118 years of history, and is the youngest of the four Grand Slams, the playing field is a hard court, in recent years, with the outstanding play of Li Na and other Chinese players, as the Asia-Pacific Grand Slam, the Australian Open has been a very important influence in international events, many other events are based on the Australian Open as the standard.


drone show

The drone show spells out the “Norman Brooks” trophy


The appearance of the DAMODA UAV formation at the Australian Open was the first appearance at an internationally renowned sporting event after the 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games and the WCBA All-Star Game, showing to the world the excellent quality and safety stability of Chinese drone formation products. (other International events: 2020 Expo Dubai)


uav formation


DAMODA has established a sky digital new media marketing network system covering more than 30 countries and regions around the world, providing quality products and services for many overseas customers. DAMODA UAV formation has gone out of the country and appeared in the world several times, and has become a resounding technology business card representing the high level and strength of China’s UAV formation.


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