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Each Light up Drone is designed for optimum performance and display

In 2022, Light up display drones are now a huge part of big events, and the good news is we have just launched our light up drones to the market.The manufacturing company DAMODA, has ensured that these launched light up display drones are capable of scintillating performances and display actions, and are worthy of completing their tasks. This is possible by the amazing features our light up drones possess.


Our light up display drones has built-in RGBW (Red, Blue, Green, and White) LEDs to display colors using additive color mixing. Both have a maximum luminous flux of 1440 I’m, this enables them to display bright colors even from long distances. Each drone has a range of 12-18 minutes of showtime and 18-26 minutes of Hover time which results in sustainable effective display and exhibition.No more worries about losing connection when reaching long distances, because our light up display drones have been equipped with Long-distance Wi-Fi to fly more than 500 meters and still retain clear communication. They can fly as far as 1000 m with the connection still intact.  Adjustable speed control is added; up to 8 levels to fly at the needed speed for displaying an image or pattern. The drone’s fragile parts are covered with a durable casing to increase strength and power output.

Power-packed battery system to charge up and power the light up drones.

For longer and better performance, we have equipped each drone with powerful rechargeable batteries, each has a ground station low voltage warning to monitor the battery’s voltage power, three-dimensional real-time monitoring, and a control system to provide nail-point effective control, and Geofence settings to crown it all, setting it up and ready for performance.

Light up display drone performance is enhanced.

Our light up drones are suitable to perform in large public drone shows, private drone show events, corporate drone light show displays, product launches with drones, city-wide celebrations, drones as part of advertising and television and film productions, and many more.

Excellence in Light up display drone engineering standards.

DAMODA light up drones have been achieving excellence in display and performance, which is made possible by our record-breaking experts’ labor force and ensuring that the drone’s standard remain intact.


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