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Indoor V2 formation UAV——Best Indoor Mini Drone For indoor Drone Show

Shenzhen DAMODA lnteligent Control Technology CoLtd, a research and development firm fcusing on creating drone fight control systems, ofersservices in this field. While the business excels in producing drones, it is also well renowned for its two main product categories, Outdoor formationUAV and Indoor formation UAv. The company partners with various festivals to host indoor drone shows in a welcoming enclosed seting to display itsindoor mini drone

Indoor Mini Drone For Indoor Drone Show Features


The company’s indoor mini drone is 189 mm x 189 mm x 60 mm and weighs 140 g, so it is suitable for indoor use. An enclosed space is the only place where the drone can operate. The indoor mini drones are enclosed in webbed protective casings that protect fingers and walls. Designed with long-lasting performance, the device can last 16 minutes as a standalone device and 8 minutes as an indoor drone show. With a Wind speed of 4 m/s and a cruise speed of 3 m/s, the drone can pretty well sustain its position against blowing wind. 


DAMODA is one of the world’s leading indoor drone show companies based in China. Indoor mini drones by the company fit in hand comfortably and stand out from a crowded market for their quality, simplicity, and design. In small spaces, indoor mini drones often capture slow, steady video. A key feature of these drones is that the propeller guards are built in, allowing them to fly relatively close to people with relative safety.


While DAMODA is best known for its indoor drone show, its outdoor drone event is no less popular. Having a 35-minute endurance, the lightweight Outdoor V3 formation UAV is elegant and compact. In terms of quality, it offers excellent products, such as the Outdoor Kongming lantern UAV and the Outdoor V2 formation UAV. 

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