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The Drone Supplier Standing Out with Flying Colours

A drone light show company on the rise!

As a drone supplier, we manufacture Intelligent outdoor drones. Our product has the following advantages:

1. Compared to traditional drone performances, it saves 82% of space and requires 180 square meters instead of 1000 square meters for 1000 aircraft.

2. One click full power on, one click automatic health check, one click 3D simulation, one click takeoff, automatic storage after flight, efficiency increased by 6 times, manpower reduced by 40%, work intensity reduced by 10 times, and on-time takeoff probability increased to 99%; Compared to the second generation, the above characteristics directly improve the welfare of the operation team, reduce operating costs, lower the technical level requirements of the team, and improve operational efficiency.

3. Solved the problem of cancelling or shrinking projects due to the size of most performance scenes, increased more project opportunities, and increased business opportunities.

4. Box type automated airport with comprehensive site applicability, suitable for sand/grassland/slope/stairs, enhancing project competitiveness and bargaining power.

5. The effective performance time is the longest, with the new battery having an effective performance time of up to 20 minutes, and it is an indicator of high-speed flight. Combined with the performance flight speed, it achieves the highest number of images in the industry for a single performance. The actual number of frames should be the average formation time of the frame plus the dwell time of the frame. In the performance, the airplane is fast and the formation time is short, avoiding the anxious feeling of watching and waiting on site, and improving the experience.

6. The standard ground takeoff wind speed is 7.5 meters per second, and the actual performance air speed can reach over 8 meters per second, which has stronger adaptability to local meteorological wind speed changes; As the wind speed increases, flight control can increase the battery output power in real time and enhance wind resistance. For coastal areas with variable microclimates and high wind speeds, it has stronger adaptability and safety.

7. The dual magnetic compass technology enhances the ability to resist geomagnetic interference and eliminates the dilemma of being unable to take off on the ground. For example, in areas with complex magnetic field environments such as Guangzhou Xiaomanyao, it is the only one that can fly.

8. The industry’s only full-time automatic and imperceptible point filling technology, which can fill any image during flight, ensuring that 99.9% of scenes achieve a 100% flight perfection rate.

9. The only full body 360 degree lighting design in the industry, with more delicate lighting and no differences or shadows in all angles. Drone aerial photography can achieve the same effect from all angles.

10. Automatic one click start, automatic health check, automatic simulation, combined with automatic storage function, comprehensively improves performance efficiency, enhances performance safety, reduces the chances of safety accidents caused by human errors or errors, and enhances the overall safety and reliability of the system.

DAMODA—Global Drone light Show Product System

The navigator of drone light show in China

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