DAMODA’s 200 indoor drones landed in CCTV Spring Festival Gala, creating a new world record

New Year’s Eve, CCTV Spring Festival Gala is still a sumptuous “meal” to accompany thousands of Chinese people. On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, as a “regular” of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, DAMODA uses technology and creativity to help CCTV Spring Festival Gala bloom more brilliantly.


CCTV Spring Festival Gala


In the performance of the Spring Festival Gala “Youth to the Sun”, along with the actors’ heartfelt interpretation, 200 drones changed their lights and shape, which became a highlight of the gala and also showed the infinite splendor and charm of the fusion of digital technology and culture and art.


200 indoor drones


This is the fourth consecutive year that DAMODA has participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala from 2019 to 2023, and this time DAMODA has created a new world record for the number of indoor drone formation performances with 200 indoor drones. The “black technology” that appeared in the Spring Festival Gala is the new generation of industry-leading indoor V2 drone formation, which adopts the industry’s latest patented technology to achieve centimeter-level accurate positioning in X, Y, and Z directions using UWB station, and through the unique indoor base station positioning continuous splicing technology, which makes the indoor performance space more prominent than before. It can be continuously extended to solve the problem that GPS cannot be used indoors. In order to create a more dazzling effect, the indoor drone adopts a fully transparent elliptical egg luminous body design, enabling the audience to view the best result.



Shenzhen DAMODA Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2016. In July 2016, we completed the first light show of 80 UAV formations in China and founded the first UAV flight performance team in China.

DAMODA is a national high-tech enterprise integrating UAV formation product research and development, production, sales, and flight performance services.  Also, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology identified us as the “little giant” enterprise, which is the world’s leading Sky digital new media solution provider.


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