In recent days, the enthusiasm of the whole city of Chongqing has been completely lit up by the drone light show. Chongqing citizens from all sides came to watch the drone light show. The spectacle was so spectacular that it quickly became a hot topic on all major media platforms.



Xinhua Net, Chongqing Daily, Chongqing Press, and other official media have released news of drone performance in Nanan District of Chongqing, which has been on the Douyin hot list for several days in a row


On June 13-14 and 17, Chongqing Nanan District Cultural and Tourism Commission and other departments joined hands with Shenzhen DAMODA Intelligence Control to stage a drone light show in Yanyu Park in Nanan District for several consecutive days, officially opening the curtain of the 2022 cultural and tourism benefiting people consumption season in Nanan District, which also marks the normalization of the UAV show in Desert Chongqing Tobacco Rain Park.


With the darkness of the south coast, 600 drones took off at the same time, shining light and shadow for a time, lighting up the mountain city. The UAV performance content fully shows the cultural and tourism elements of the south bank. With the constant changes of the UAV formation, “two rivers and four banks”, “Guangyang Island”, “Dongshuimen Bridge”, “Nanshan Golden Eagle”, “Chongqing Xiaomian”… Chongqing people are familiar with the picture that appeared one after another, the scene of the crowd, elicited waves of applause.



DAMODA UAV show, with the use of lighting landscape, creative lighting, 3D technology, and other advanced technologies, fully displays the characteristics of Chongqing and South coast district cultural tourism resources, to promote the development of the South coast district night economy. Through the form of “cultural tourism + science and technology”, “cultural tourism + art” to enrich the nightlife of Chongqing citizens, and promote the revival of cultural tourism on the two rivers and four banks.


DAMODA UAV formation takes the sky as the stage, relies on urban landmarks, creates regional cultural hotspots, and highlights the commercial value of “UAV performance + urban landmarks”. As the first enterprise to open the UAV formation performance in China, the desert University has rich experience in the field of large-scale activity UAV performance and has been praised by the Ministry of Public Security, CCTV, regional publicity departments, and other government departments for many times.


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