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Outdoor Kongming lantern UAV

Hover endurance:18min Show time:12min Max communication range:1000(m) Max wind speed:5(m/s)

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  • Hover endurance:15mins
  • Show time:10mins
  • Max communication range:500(m)
  • Max wind speed:5(m/s)

Technical performance paramete

Size(mm,L*W*H)     280*280*515mm
weight     1450g
Paddle     9''(quick release)
Maximum communication range     500m
Max wind speed(m/s)      5m/s
Normal performance speed(m/s)     5m/s
Performance spacing(m)     5m
LED power(w)       16w

LED color   

    Yellow flame lamp
Hover endurance time(min)         15mins

Show time(min) 



Positioning mode       GPS+BDS
Working ambient temperature     -10~50℃
Control effect     3D map interface, remote aircraft monitoring
Safety control technology     Electronic fence and flying hand escort function
Waterproof performance(IP*)     IP43


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