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Great Desert Drone Formation Debuts in WA, Helping WA Day's Largest Drone Show


On June 5, 2022, WA DAY (Western Australia Day) celebration was held in Perth Park, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to attend.


drone formation

The Perth Post reports on the WA Day drone light show


drone formation


On the day of the event, from noon onwards, hundreds of thousands of people gathered one after another on the banks of the scenic Swan River to celebrate the festival. In the evening, a formation of 500 drones made a stunning appearance, and the festival culminated in the largest drone light show ever staged in Western Australia.


drone formation


The drone light show is a perfect combination of technology and creativity, a perfect release of imagination, and a new upgrade of WA DAY. The drone light show, with Western Australian themed music, lit up the Perth night sky with beautiful patterns, telling the story of Western Australia in its own unique way.


drone formation

drone formationdrone formation

DAMODA has provided a series of services including formation drone products, creative design of drone performance, technical training and guidance of drone formation, etc. to ensure the smooth performance of the "Western Australia Day" drone light show. The show will be the biggest highlight of WA Day 2022.


drone formation


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