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Damoda's fleet of thousands of drones presents Chinese Valentine's Day Gala to create "Chinese romance"


Qixi Festival the most romantic traditional festival, always give people unlimited daydream, in this "Chinese romantic" night, CCTV dedicated a literary feast for the vast audience.


"2022 China Media Group Qixi Evening Party" at 19:30 on August 4 in CCTV-3, central video, CCTV network, and other platforms broadcast, the party set a total of 18 programs, 20-star guests to participate in the performance, once broadcast quickly became a hot list of major media platforms.




It is reported that this is the fourth time CCTV has chosen Kunming Pool · Qixi Park as the northern recording venue for the Qixi gala after 2018, 2020, and 2021. The audience can enjoy the visual feast of traditional Chinese culture and feel "Chinese romance" at the same time.


Damoda, the first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to log in CCTV many times continuously large party formation, the CCTV's Chinese Valentine's Day party out 2022 drone of large fleet, with science and technology in combination with light and shadow, the creative art fusion, use modern science and technology make a visual effect, for the audience in a fusion of huai elegance and romantic visual feast.






The drone show fully integrates Qixi Festival elements in its creative design. When the drone formation whistles up, a starlit magpie shines in the night sky, which is particularly eye-catching. With the constant transformation of the UAV formation, the sky has emerged as "rhyme in poetry", "middle in painting", "Li Yi", "love in music", and other performance pictures with the flavor of Chinese traditional culture. Suddenly, a walking "astronaut" appeared in the sky. This kind of creative performance combining ancient style and modern style shows the cultural confidence flowing in the blood of Chinese people, and meets a highlight moment that is exclusive to the deep integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern technology.



The drone performance was a complete success, which added a lot of color to the performance of the Qixi Evening Party of CCTV, and was fully recognized by the CCTV program team.


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