Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software is software created for drone displays that allow for flight path planning and coordinated operation of hundreds of drones at once.

Drone light shows are created by means of illuminated, synced, and choreographed companies of drones to produce diverse airborne forms. A laptop utility that converts pictures into flying orders and supplies them to drones can reproduce nearly any photo in the sky.


Drone Show Software Description

Drone display software’s specific flight modes and instructions; a particular Pixhawk firmware. It’s far viable to apply Pixhawk hardware or replicas of it. These autopilots are broadly on hand and maybe bought from almost any drone element. Drone Show Software can be flown with conventional GPS units, but we prefer RTK GPS units for the flight precision required for drone displays.

We recommend using 5GHZ Wi-Fi modules onboard drones in place of every day (433mhz) telemetry information traces for establishing stable conversation among many drones. Drone Show Software may be geared up with led modules or different show factors controlled by the PWM servo sign for drone shows. Drone hardware carries all the commands for putting collectively, production, and configuring drones, Wi-Fi modules, and led payloads. STL files are used for 3D printing GPS, and Flight controller casings are included in 3D printing.


Features of Drone Show Software

  • Airborne 5GHz Wi-Fi includes instructions and schematics for creating Airborne 5GHz Wi-Fi modules.
  • The Fireball LED payload includes instructions and schematics for putting together Fireball LED payloads.
  • PCB-KiCad contains KiCad EDA PCB source project files.
  • All Software tools needed to configure the drones and run the show are found in software tools.
  • DDC ConfigTool is a utility that allows you to upload firmware and calibrate the accelerometer and compass on various drones.
  • Radio updater became used to update secondary channel telemetry data linkages using 433MHZ radio firmware.
  • RTK device is a program that sends RTK GPS corrections to drones.
  • To produce simulated drone exhibition flights, SITL simulation is employed.
  • Animation samples can be found in the animation samples folder.


Benefits of Drone Show Software 


Drone shows deliver tailored and targeted messages that increase brand awareness while engaging and entertaining viewers.


Drone exhibitions, which use the night sky as a canvas, are a new way for artists to express themselves and tell complex stories.


Fireworks, lasers, flames, smoke, music, and other elements can be replaced or enhanced using drone light shows.


Drone shows are a recyclable, pollution-free, and sustainable way to entertain with a little environmental footprint.


System requirements for Drone Show Software

  • Windows 7 with Software Pack 1 or later; Windows 8; Windows 10Processor: Intel Core i7 or above.
  • 8 GB Memory or more RAM is required.
  • SSD 120 GB hard disc 256 GB or more is recommended.
  • Graphics hardware: DirectX 9 capable graphics card (shader model 2.0). Any card manufactured after 2004 should work.
  • TCP/IPv4 network stack, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet network. Ethernet is suggested.
  • The screen resolution is Full HD.


DAMODA‘s drone show software

For Drone lovers all over the world, we provide a complete package of Drone Show Software. DAMODA provides a comprehensive solution that includes software, drones, and choreography. In a short of months, you’ll be able to build and fly a magnificent drone display. Make the event unforgettable by making it visible from all across the city. Make your brand stand out and get people talking about it. You can add a special touch or illuminate the sky above a ski resort. Drone displays are a terrific way to keep people entertained in resorts and theme parks, as well as at festivals and concerts.


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