Thousands of drones assemble and take off in Zhuhai city paying tribute to workers

At 7 pm on May 1, Hengqin, Zhuhai. 1000 drones gathered and soared over the Chime-long International Ocean Kingdom Park, performing the show themed on “A Tribute to the Workers”. The pictures sweeping away the haze of the epidemic also heralded the beginning of the recovery of Hengqin’s cultural and tourism industry.

The drone performed for about 10 minutes. It opened with a dynamic Tetris spelling out a huge number of 51. Then the picture of a medical worker slowly taking off the mask was touching. During the pandemic, people used to wear masks. Taking off the mask as soon as possible and smiling face to face has become the most eager expectation of the public. The three rising figures of “police, medical staff, and teacher” also represent workers from all walks of life. “Salute” is a tribute to all workers in Hengqin!


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