New Year's Eve! 2021 New Year's Concert, more than 1000 drones light up the night sky

Time:2021/01/28      Source:大漠大   

The "2021 New Year Concert-Sailing to the Greater Bay Area" co-sponsored by CCTV , Guangdong Provincial People's Government, Hong Kong SAR Government, Macau SAR Government, and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government broadcast on CCTV on January 1st

Youtube  video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3kBTiQ4WAk


In this concert, Damoda used more than 1,000 drones to cooperate with multiple programs, and presented wonderful drone light show according to different programs.


In "Red Sun", the huge floating sky curtain changes different patterns in the night sky with the rhythm of music, which complements the stage lighting and live video content.


In the "Spring Flowers", the executive team and the director team have exchanged many times and changed the design and implement plan twice within 24 hours. Finally, they confirmed the flight plan of the "tilt angle canopy" and presented the corresponding visual content. The visual effect meet the director's requirements.


This is the first time in drone show industry used the visual block as the performance, and it is a successful attempt to coordinate the stage structure, building vision, and stage light effects.This performance was performed by DAMODA, which is experienced and has conducted drone light show at CCTV Spring Festival Gala for consecutive years with zero errors. The flight executed efficiently in a very short rehearsal time, and a safe and stable execution plan.


After several years of development, the national high-tech enterprise DAMODA, which focuses on the application of drone flight control systems and drone formation technology, has become a leader in domestic drone cluster performance, with more than 30 national patents and 6 Software copyright, the first in the drone industry to launch the "UAV Formation Flight Safety Specification".