China International Fireworks Cultural Festival

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The Largest-ever drone show with fireworks in China contributed its debut in Liuyang, Hunan province. The drone formation show, carrying waterfall fireworks at 100 meters above the ground, flew over the Liuyang River. In addition to the eco-friendly cold-flame fireworks, the drone show adopted the latest developed fireworks control system to ensure safety. 

Eight drones, carrying high-altitude waterfall fireworks, hovered and swayed over Liuyang River, which constituted a dazzling fireworks dancing, all the audiences on site were deeply amazed by this stunning drone fireworks show. 

The drone formation show was controlled by well-trained operators. Paired with the gorgeous eco-friendly cold-frame fireworks and synchronized dancing presented by the drones at 60~80 meters above the ground, the show received great hails and applause from the crowd. 

With this, the Cultural Week of "Experience Liuyang by Liuyang River " convened officially. Besides, in an effort to fully integrate cultural connotation, industrial characteristics and tourism resources of "Liuyang River", a series of activities such as "Admire the Blossoms at Liuyang River origin Mt Daweishan" and "Liuyang River Creative Cultural Brands Exhibition " . 

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