Kongming Lantern Drone in Beijing W-Town

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The Kongming Lantern, also known as Wishing Lamp, is an important symbol of traditional Chinese culture. It is said that it was invented for military purpose by Zhuge Liang, a famous Prime Minister in the Three Kingdoms Period. Nowadays, we release lanterns during Lantern Festival, Mid-Autunm Festival and other big days to pray for blessing. Men and women, old and young, inscribe their wishes on Kongming lanterns, expecting happiness and success in the coming future. 

However, lantern release is not allowed in most cases for fear of mountain fires and aircraft crashes caused by inappropriate handling of Lanterns. So here comes the question - how to continue the traditional ceremonies, with modern technological innovation, while ensuring environmental safety and soundness? As the first drone-Kongming Lantern show in China, after tackling enormous technical difficulties, DAMODA presented a matchless Kongming Lantern Festival at Gubei W-Town, Beijing. 

The uniqueness of this historic town lies in its longstanding culture and remarkable people. What sparks could be inspired by the collision between technology and tradition? This summer is bound to be different. A choreographed light show featuring nearly 100 drones created a dazzling summer night gala in this historic tranquil town with the witness of 10,000 audiences. 

Shenzhen-based drone light show company, brought with the unprecedented aerial light show for this summer holidays. As the first drone-Kongming Lantern show in China, we exerted utmost efforts to create an unparalleled Kongming Lantern Festival. 

The typical Beijing-style town is filled with charisma of the Republican period (1912~1949). When bumping into resplendent Kongming Lanterns surprisingly, people were immediately caught by the enchanting sky. Upon the opening ceremony of Kongming Lantern Festival, nearly 100 synchronized lantern-drones floated up to the sky at the same time. The goodwill-carrying lanterns illuminated the sky with a choreographed symphony made up of lights, music and technology. 

Sitting at the Chinese courtyard where sparkling creek flowing by the front door, crowds were drawn to the sudden hover of the drones in the air. The amazing sky decorated by countless lanterns added charm to the hot mid-summer night. 

Why not join to watch a "meteor sky" lit by drone lights? The spectacle will definitely bring about unexpected coolness in such hot summer night. DAMODA, as an expert of Drone Show, has been dedicated to innovation and development since beginning. The drone-lantern show in cooperation with Gubei W-Town was of great successful pioneer work in the course of pursuing the integration of sci-tech development and traditional culture preservation. 

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