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Aerial blockbuster

According to customer needs and purposes, the company plans customized show script. Thousands of drones echo with music to show aerial microfilm in 3D through precise positioning

>Outdoor show customization

The drone formation show becomes a new way of media communication through its cool and novel audiovisual presentation. Coupled with the wide outdoor communication scope, it can quickly prompt viewers to share the show on social networking platforms and media, generating billions of forwards for customers’ activities and brand exposure.

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New media species to set off a wave of publicity

Flexible 3D imaging for flexible patterns

Using 3D animation editing method, 3D location map, 3D real-time simulation, 3D ground station control, 3D dynamic show, and satellite positioning technology, it transforms the various patterns precisely and flexibly from point to line to flat surface, and from flat surface to three-dimensional shapes.

  • Full color LED
  • Personalized shapes
  • Cold light fireworks
  • Colored smoke bomb

Diverse interpretations and wonderful scenes

Full application scenarios to meet your diverse needs

DAMODA formation flight control system is safe and reliable. Take-off and landing modes can be adjusted according to the size of the customer’s site, and aerial show can flexibly adapt to various venues.

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Cool and safe

  • Flight control system
    Four lines of safety protection procedures, health check, status monitoring, anti-collision detection, flight anomaly handling.
  • Cluster system backup
    The online and offline integration technology offers a double protection barrier for drone formation shows.
  • Safety code of conduct
    Comprehensive and strict regulations are formulated regarding meteorological environment, electromagnetic environment, hangar environment, battery management, aircraft maintenance, crew training, visitor safety, show process, clearing inspection, etc.
  • Flight quality control
    Products, software, and services are all independently completed by DAMODA, which strictly controls the quality of each link and guarantees show quality and safety.

Wonderful shows

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