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Shenzhen Great Desert ControlPioneer of Drone Formation Shows

Shenzhen DAMODA Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of drone control and swarm technology.

The company took the lead in putting forward the technical framework of the third generation drone control system and applying it to drone light shows, securing its top-tier position in terms of swarm technology. As the pioneer of applying drone technology in China, we focus on the application and development of drone light shows. We provide a full range of outdoor and indoor drone show products with self-owned IPRs.

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Company culture

The world has a road to 10 million, only the desert is through the heavens, not afraid of the journey, and vows to make the dream fly higher.!


Established in 2015, DAMODA has been committed to go in for drone control & swarm
technology as well as choreographed drone displays to fill market gaps.

  • Spring Festival Evening 2019

    DAMODA was entitled as the exclusive drone show partner of 2019 Spring Festival Gala. DAMODA 1000-drone light show, flower scattering show and ball-shaped show appeared at CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

  • Chinese style

    The Chinese style lantern drone display was conducted at Changbai Mountains of Jilin Province. It is the first show of this kind performing under fridge and high altitude conditions.

  • Drone tournament

    DAMODA was designated as official partner of The 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships at Shenzhen Universiade Stadium.

  • Resident performance

    The unprecedented drone-Kongming Lantern show actualized ferry flights at Gubeishui Town. The magnificent performance perfectly demonstrated its theme "Blessing at the foot of the Great Wall".

  • Sulwhasoo

    Highly reliable newly developed stunning drone show "Snowflakes" unveiled by the Guangzhou landmark Canton Tower.

  • Group cooperation

    In cooperation with the East Overseas Chinese Town Group of Shenzhen, RTK drone show lit up the sky of Dapeng Fortress.

  • Fireworks show

    A large-scaled drone-Fireworks Show saw a great success at China(Liuyang) International Fireworks Cultural Festival.

  • Theme park

    The first mega-sized theme park residential drone show settled at Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

  • Show

    Indoor drone show marked a complete success at Theatre 1, Song Cheng Theme Park.

  • Cooperation

    The first drone show themed on "Red Star over China" in cooperation with CCTV7 made its sensational debut.

  • Established

    Upon the change of shareholder's ownership, Shenzhen DAMODA Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. was officially founded; self-developed drone control system achieved its first successful test flight.

  • investment

    Funded by angel investment, the founding team dedicated to flight control system R&D was established.

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Mission vision

Taking the mission of strengthening the Chinese drone industry as the mission, taking the responsibility of the user first, creating the culture, technology, economy and social value as the foundation, sincere service and dedication。